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Welcome to
Pan Thai Massage

Certified with over 14 years of experience.
HSA and FSA is eligible for massage therapy.

What makes us unique from other massage therapies?

At Pan Thai Massage, we provide custom therapeutic pain relief and rehabilitation massage therapy based on your body’s condition, purpose of getting massage and daily activities. We take time to study your habits and determine the massage technics, level of pressure and motion that best suit you.

Due to variety type of massages provided. The pressure can be varied according to your preferences ,so be sure to tell your masseuse about any pain or problem areas that you would like addressed.

real massage therapy

Better Health…..through our hands.

To provide an enhancement of health and well-being to individuals through professional and affordable massage therapy.

Hsa and Fsa are eligible for massage therapy!


1hr = 80 | 75mins = $100 | 90mins = $120 | 2hr = $160
(Light to Medium Pressure)


Hot Stone Therapy

ADD ON = $25

body scrub Sugar Land


thai massage and spa Sugar Land


Lavender Aroma-therapy

Eucalyptus Aroma-therapy

Thai Massage

Back Pain, Deep Pressure Please and Don't forget to add Stretching

Thai Swedish Combo

1hr = 90 | 75mins = $110 | 90mins = $130 | 2hr = $180

thai massage home

Thai Traditional Massage

1hr = 95 | 75mins = $115 | 90mins = $140 | 2hr = $195

Your Massage

1hr = 90 | 75mins = $110 | 90mins = $130 | 2hr = $180

home massage Sugar Land

Hand Foot Reflexology

thai massage


(20 weeks and older)

traditional thai massage Sugar Land tx

Deep Tissue

Custom Therapeutic Healing

the thai massage and spa

With various technics to suit your body’s condition by top massage therapists with over 17 years of experience.

60 Mins = $120 | 90 Mins = $170 | 120 Mins = $230

Couple’s Series

Please schedule separately for each person when making an appointment online or please call (832) 999-4800.

body scrub Sugar Land tx

Couple Massage

Healing Therapy

1hr = 110 | 75mins = $130 | 90mins = $165 | 2hr = $220

water massage Sugar Land

Frozen Shoulder Relief

key massage Sugar Land

Sciatica Loosen Up

TMJ and Migraine Calming

thai experience massage Sugar Land

Lymphatic Drainage

What To Expect

Thai massage include relief from constipation, IBS, headaches, sciatica, back and neck pain. Almost all feel relaxed, refreshed and much more flexible afterwards, and those who have regular Thai massage come to enjoy the deep pressure techniques and spectacular manipulations.Thai Massage increases circulation, which infuses your tissues with nutrients and oxygen. This, in turn, helps your body rid itself of carbon dioxide, toxins, and metabolic byproducts. This helps your body become more efficient at reversing the aging process.

"Got the Thai-Swedish combo massage and it felt really great! My masseuse really worked my shoulder blades and the movement in my shoulders has returned and the pain is greatly reduced."."

Alex B. From google review.

"It was my first time and definitely not my last! I feel so relaxed. They did amazing!! I'd recommend Pan Thai to everyone!!"

Rana H. from google review.

"Our therapists were AMAZING!! Great pressure for me, neck and shoulders and the stretching was amazing. We will definitely come back! A great start to self-care Sunday."

Jay C. from Yelp review.

How do we perform the massage?

Starting from create the therapy based on your needs by using ancient healing technics combined with a contemporary knowledge of anatomy physiology to deeply stretch ,rub ,knead and stimul​ate the acupressure points to balance effect on entire body for the greater health and vitality, improve blood circulation, relief from stress and pain ,and increase flexibility.

Streching, Body Scrub & Aroma Therapy!!

Streching, Body Scrub & Aroma Therapy!!

Summer is here, are you doing more outdoor activities? Let us get you revitalised with a body scrub and your choice of essential oils. Stretching For maintaining flexibility Body Scrubs to make skin smooth and exfoliating Aroma therapy oil massage to relax the muscles...

Body scrub with essential oil!!

Body scrub with essential oil!!

Summer is here, are you doing more outdoor activities? Let us get you revitalised with a body scrub and your choice of essential oils. Relaxing Relase muscle tension Makes skin clean and smooth  

Celebrate with your Mom

Celebrate with your Mom

Couple, Single, or Gift Card Massage Special Only on Mother's Day - May 12, 2024Spend $240 / Get $40 Off   Treat your mom to the ultimate relaxation experience with our Mother's Day Massage Special! Give her the gift of rejuvenation and pampering with a luxurious...